C-bit Bitcoin [XCT]

Our Mission

C-bit is the only cryptocurrency in the world built on the Bitcoin Core source code and is explicitly designed to be complimentary to Bitcoin. It is simple, not complicated. No bells. No whistles.

C-bit is an exact replica of Bitcoin Core. All updates, patches, fixes, and new technologies added to Bitcoin Core are added to C-bit as they occur. Any software, platform, or technology that is designed to work with Bitcoin Core can work with C-bit.

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The family tree is the same, so conflicts are eliminated when coding is concerned. In fact, communication between Bitcoin Core and C-bit block-chains is possible, unlike other currencies or block-chains who do not share the identical source code with Bitcoin.

The only difference between Bitcoin Core and C-bit is that C-bit has a 2 meg block size already built into the source code (unlike Bitcoin Core’s 1 meg block size), and C-bit has 210 million coins (as opposed to Bitcoin’s 21 million). 10 times the coins means a 1/10 valuation against Bitcoin; thus, C-bit is the “pocket change” to Bitcoin.

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C-bit Development team is working on Helix Technology, a project that combines Bitcoin and C-bit together into a DNA-type structure.