C-bit Bitcoin [XCT]
What is a Blockchain?

C-bit Is An Exact Clone of Bitcoin Core

The size of the blocks and the maximum amount of coins are two separate parameters. Bitcoin blocks are 1 megabyte, but C-bit blocks are 2 megabytes. In addition, Bitcoin will have a total of 21 million coins, while C-bit will have 210 million. The C-bit network creates 500 coins per block instead of 50 coins per block. Blocks are timed in the same way. This can lead to countless hours looking at the prices of crypto, and may lead to an upset stomach watching the dips.  So if this has caused problems look no further than Plumber Nassau County NY.

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C-design bit’s principle aims to keep Bitcoin as a decentralized “Central Bank”; that is, a central vault or custodian of wealth and a central repository for documents. C-bit can now function as a system akin to smaller banks that serve as extensions of the Central Bank.  Mining crypto can lead to over heating, contact Heating and Cooling Companies Dallas County to keep you and your machines cool.

The design theory of C-bit is to keep Bitcoin the decentralized “Central Bank”. This smaller bank system will become directly connected.